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Press Release – Brady Standoff

On May 27, 2020 at approximately 8:30pm Litchfield Police Department took a report from family members of James Brady, 39, from Litchfield about the welfare of Brady’s safety. Family members indicated that Brady was sending them very concerning images via text message. During the initial contact with family members, Litchfield Police learned that one family member was currently with Brady at his residence.

While on the way to Brady’s residence, Litchfield Police learned that the family member had left the residence because Brady was now on his back deck shooting his hand gun in a reckless manner in the residential neighborhood.

Litchfield Police then made contact with residences around Brady’s house and asked them to shelter and place in the basement of their residences until further notice.

Litchfield Police surrounded Brady’s residence and attempted to make contact with him via cell phone communication as well as using the loudspeaker on one of the patrol cars without success. Litchfield police used several other tactics in an attempt to get in contact with Brady but were not successful.

At approximately 12:15am, Brady walked outside and onto a deck area of his residence when Litchfield Police engaged him and took him into custody without incident. Brady was taken into custody and transported to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. Brady was also charged with Reckless Conduct, a Class B Felony and he was bailed on personal recognizance for that charge with a court date of July 9, in Hillsborough County Superior Court-South.

The Litchfield Police would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance during this investigation: Londonderry Police Canine unit as well as their Drone unit, Southern New Hampshire Special Operation Unit, Litchfield Fire Rescue, and Hudson Ambulance. Litchfield Police would also like to thank the residences that were impacted by this incident for their patience and understanding during this difficult situation.

Don’t fall victim to ‘sextortion’ email scam!


We have received several calls about this exact scam. Victims will receive an email from someone who allegedly has their password. The scammer advises the victim the scammers have an embarrassing video of the victims. The scammer threatens to share the embarrassing video with all the victim’s contacts. The scammer then requests $2,000 paid in bitcoin to delete the embarrassing video. A news story about this scam can be read on Seacoast online here.

If you have received this email please do not respond. Please report any fraud to the Department of Justice’s Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud here.

Identity Theft and Package Scam

There has been a recent increase in identity theft/package scams in town. Individuals are having cell phones sent to addresses in town under the name of someone else, which is usually a real name and the person is unaware that their name is being used for such things.(Identity Theft).

The individuals who are doing this, then track the package to its destination, and in a lot of cases are there in the area when the delivery is made. They will then retrieve the package from whatever residence or location where it was delivered.  

Being that your Police Department would like to catch the individuals responsible for this, we are asking the public for assistance. If you happen to notice FedEx or UPS trucks in your neighborhoods making deliveries, please keep an eye out for vehicles arriving soon after the package is delivered. Someone will get out, usually run up and grab the package and try to leave quickly. If this occurs, contact the Police immediately and try to provide vehicle make, model, color, plate number, and description of individuals involved. This will assist your Police Department greatly in the efforts to catch these individuals and to prosecute these individuals in court.

Thank you for your assistance.