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COVID-19 | Phone Scam

A new phone scam was brought to our attention. The calling party states they are issuing Stimulus Checks from the COVID-19 Federal Relief Fund. The caller is asking for your bank account and routing number. DO NOT GIVE that information out over the phone. When checks are sent, it will be a paper check, unless you have account information previously set up with the IRS.

COVID-19 | Scam Alert as a Result of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Concord, NH – Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald urges people in New Hampshire to be on the alert for charitable giving and consumer product scams related to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Scammers may take advantage of fears related to COVID-19 outbreak by selling bogus “treatment” and “prevention” products, establishing fake charities, and sending seemingly legitimate emails with malicious links or attachments.

Be Careful When Making Charitable Donations

  • Before making donations to support those who are ill or suffering financially because of the COVID-19 outbreak, do your homework:
  • If the appeal is for an individual, think hard about donating unless you know the person needing help and that person’s circumstances;
  • Do not let anyone rush you into making a donation;
  • Check that you are dealing with a legitimate charity or individual and not an “imposter” with a deceptively similar name;
  • Do not assume that social media recommendations for donations are legitimate.

Beware of False Claims and Deceptive Marketing

  • Do not be tempted by claims and advice on social media and online websites that certain products or treatments can cure or prevent COVID-19.
  • There currently are no prescription or over-the-counter pills, vaccines, oils, lotions, or other products available to treat or cure COVID-19. Always check with your health care provider before buying such products.

Be on the Lookout for Phony CDC Emails 

Be careful about opening emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or from others claiming to have information about COVID-19.  Clicking on links or attachments could cause a computer virus to infect your device.

Stay Informed

For up-to-date information about the COVID-19 outbreak in New Hampshire visit: nh.gov/covid19

To report a charitable giving scam, contact the Charitable Trusts Unit:

Phone: 603-271-3591
Email: charitabletrusts2@doj.nh.gov
Website: www.doj.nh.gov/charitable-trusts/

To report a business-related scam, contact the Consumer Protection Hotline:

Phone: 1-888-468-4454
Email: DOJ-CPB@doj.nh.gov
Website: www.doj.nh.gov/consumer/complaints/